East Lincolnshire Green Party is moving forward

10 June 2019

Last week saw the East Lincolnshire Green Party start to get to grips with being more engaging and inclusive of it's members. Having been quiet for the last 4 years, there was a lot of dust to blow off but we're getting there.

The first email was sent out to let all of our members and supporters to let them know that we are now moving to a more active era and that we will be emailing them again soon to see how everyone feels about getting involved with us, and how they may be able to help us the best way they can.

Everything went great. Until people replied. The gremlins in the system that stopped replies being sent is now being ironed out by the Green Party Tech Team and will soon be resolved.

As for the email itself, we would like to know how people want to be involved, whether you want to be an Officer and have a part to play in the running of the party, or whether you want be involved in the local political arena, maybe you want to be more involved at a local level or aybe you just would be happy to help out with leaflets and posters. Either way, it will all be appreciated, so keep an eye out for the email while you're thinking of how you may be able to help us.

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